Cars and Girls, 2023
The Audain Gallery
My dream car cover, 2023
the side mirror of a moving truck, dresses, shirts, corsets, socks, pants, thread, trim, spoiler
Tool #1, 2023
plaster cast die covered in irreverent purple dust, thread, custom stand-in rear view mirror
Sugar Hiccup, 2023
car girl, lace, newsprint, horseshoe, horseshoe nails, silver thread, one pearl, an entire packet of strawberry gum wrappers
Tool #2, 2023
trucker hat, plaster, dried daisy, silver thread,  custom coat rack
Tool #3, 2023
plastic cigarette butts, plastic shell, ribbon, custom ashtray holder
Torque Twisted, 2023
found picture frame, plexiglass with photo transfer, car girl, horseshoe nail, ribbon 
The Ketamine Dream Girls, 2023
portrait sized manipulated images sewed into and pierced with pearl pins, plastic star beads, pink bubblegum wrapper 
Little Miss, 2023
plastic cigarette butts in sparkly resin filled Coke Zero can