easter egg by Theoren
Just To Please You, 2022
The Vault Gallery
Who Would Cry Out To The Petals On The Ground, 2022
slipper sole, red wine, dried daisy, embroidery thread
 The Tease (rock me baby) 2022
plaster, fabric, fringe, steel
untitled, 2022
kenzan, knitted bleached fabric
made by Theoren Johannessen
Luck y To Be Held, 2022
steel, netting, beads
made my Theoren Johannessen
May the sweets of the year be doomed, 2022
animal hide, lace doily, pink thread, rhinestone necklace, ground steel
Small enough to catch perch, 2022
rhinestone string, lace doily, garden snips, ground steel
untitled, 2022
Theoren and I's special moment
untitled, 2022
image printed on transparency, lace, thread, ribbon
collaborative work with Theoren